Monday, March 16, 2009

Continue or Quit

Pookie's dress is giving me so much trouble. *sigh* With all the previous dresses I've always cut out the bodice the perfect size and then gathered and attached the bottom half of the dress to the bodice--easy. This time around I thought I'd try something different by keeping the shirt all in one piece and just pleat the bodice until it was down to the right size.
Why oh why did I do decide to do that??? I have no idea how it can possibly be but, after numerous fittings, this dress is still too big. And now that I've sewn on the binding and the straps I'm feeling a bit less than enthusiastic about pulling out the seam ripper and tearing everything to bits again. I'm thinking about scrapping it and starting fresh with a new shirt, but there's a big part of me that hates to be a quitter.
I think I'll give it the customary 24 hour wait period and then see how I feel. Maybe I'll be up to the challenge tomorrow. Maybe...

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