Friday, March 06, 2009

Disappointments and a Dress

Wondering whatever happened to Little Peach's dress? Well, it's still in the works. I was dreading having to sew on the collar (baby collars and I don't get along too well), so I put off working on the dress for awhile. I finally worked up the necessary courage to attempt it this morning, and thankfully everything went smoothly.
Now that the dress is almost complete I'm feeling a bit disappointed over a few elements. I really wish that I had used something other than yellow floss for the smocking. The yellow hardly shows up at all--all that hard work smocking and you can hardly make out the pattern. Next time I'll know better.
I'm also feeling a bit disappointed over the fit of the dress. Although the dress pattern said 1/2, the dress seems somewhat large and Little Peach's head looks a bit like it's disappearing between those two sleeves. Thankfully, it's way too cold for her to wear it yet, so I'm hoping that by the time it has warmed up some, Little Peach will have gotten a little taller and little fatter and consequently the dress will fit a little better. If it doesn't....I'll have to see what I can do.
So, I think I'm going to put the buttons and pockets on and then give this dress a little break again. I'll do the hemming and any necessary tailoring later when the time to actually wear the dress comes. And in the mean time I can start on that much asked for dress/skirt for Fig.

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