Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little P. Helps Out

I'm working on a "recycled" outfit for Pookie. She picked out blue and I'm adding some white cotton trim for fun. While this dress is going to be entirely different from Fig's, I do want her outfit to have a matching headband like Fig's had.
After hitting a rough spot in dress construction today, I started playing around with some ideas for the headband. While I loved Fig's, the flower on it was just a bit too small. Oversized flowers seem to be the hair accessory of choice at the moment, so I thought I'd try my hand at making one for the headband.
Sadly both Pookie and Fig refused to model my first attempt. Apparently their Playmobil people were in the midst of some great adventure and could not be abandoned. Thankfully I still have one child left who is currently incapable of refusing to model for me.
And so we have Little P. modeling a headband with a flower that is about half the size of her head. Although it is seriously oversized on her, I actually kind of like the way it looks--very baby flapper, obviously requiring the pearl necklace accessory you see there. I think, that if there was anyway to guarantee that it would actually remain on her head, I would make one for her too.
Anyway, it is still very much a project in the works. It has the flat back (perfect for attaching to a headband) that I want, but is much, much, too messy looking for me. Hopefully it will only take a few more tries to get it right and then...we'll see, maybe I'll have Little P. model again.

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