Sunday, December 03, 2006

The forecast says snow!!
And I really, really, really, hope they're right! If it snows tonight, then tomorrow morning I am getting the girls up, putting them in their snow suits, and taking them outside! I'm so excited!

I'm also excited that Christmas is getting close! I have a lot of work to get done before December 25th. I still have to finish the girls stockings, I really need to get started on the cushions and blankets to go with the sled/sleigh that my husband has been making for the girls, there are cookies to bake and candies to dip, there are a few other little gifts to get started/finish up...and then there is all the wrapping! It is going to be a busy next three weeks here!


Anonymous said...

i just found you through Theo Design and i have to tell you how much i love your blog! it is so happy and creative. i will be visiting often!

Pookie and Fig said...

Thank you so much!