Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, it's Christmas Eve and I'm finally calling it quits on the crafting. I tried to get everything I had planned done, but it just didn't happen. It's alright though, I'm happy with what I did get done and I'm quite sure the girls will be happy with it too!
I'm really happy about giving the girls so many handcrafted gifts. I'm hoping that they are gifts they'll play with and remember for a long time to come!
I think I'll try making more home crafted gifts for them next year as well...although I think I'll start the Christmas crafting early, maybe sometime in August or something. I had no idea that it would take so long to make everything!
Anyway, I did finish all the baby bunnies...but only got two adult bunnies done. Here they are sitting on the unfinished sleigh quilt (which I probably will have time to finish before it snows).

One adult to every two baby bunnies...I think that's enough adults to keep the little bunnies behaving.

Be good little bunnies!

And stay right there in the stockings where I placed you!

You have some little girls who are going to be very pleased to make your acquaintance tomorrow!


Posy said...

What a lovely blog you have and what lucky, lucky girls to receive such wonderful bunnies. They are so special. Could you tell me what you used to make them and if there is a pattern available. I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas - the sled is perfect too!

Pookie and Fig said...

Thanks so much! The bunnies are an original pattern that I'm still tinkering with (they have a tendency to wobble a bit more than I'd like.) I used a fuzzy/furry felt to make them with.
I really love your blog! Thanks so much for the comment!