Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I took a quick break from Christmas crafting and shot some photos of some of the presents we've been making for the girls.
First there is the blanket with matching pillow that I made for Pookie.
Pookie has been using everything from clothes to floor mats to cuddle under (I don't know why), so I'm hoping that a new favorite blanket covered in her favorite animal (a cat) will replace those other items she insists on using.

The blanket is covered in the cutest little pictures of cats!

Then there is the sled that my husband made for the girls. It's his own design and he's worked long and hard on it to make it perfect! I'm absolutley in love with it, I wish it was big enough for me!

I just hope it snows for Christmas so we can use it right away!

Until then we can keep trying it out on the carpet. We took Fig for a little spin in it...even though it is a bit before Christmas.

Now it's back to work!

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