Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One, Two, Three, Four!

Four new bunnies! I've been busy, busy, busy hand sewing and these bunnies are just a few of the things I've been working on. Each girl is getting a bunny family (two adults, two children) for Christmas. I've finally finished the kid bunnies and am just getting started on the adult bunnies. The bunnies are also supposed to come with a picnic blanket and a little picnic basket with lettuce and carrots--we'll see if I can manage to get that done. If nothing else the girls will get the bunnies for Christmas and the accessories will just have to come later.

My sewing machine worked over time today as well. I finished sewing up the cushion for the sled and I quilted a blanket for Pookie. Tomorrow I have to finish Pookies blanket, make a pillow to go with it (she is very much in love with blankets and pillows right now), make the sled blankets, finish Fig's stocking and I have...five more days! Whew! Next year I'm starting much earlier!

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