Monday, April 09, 2007

After a rather long break, I'm back to making up some new birds--my "spring collection" as I call them. There will be lots of curls, bright colors, and pretty flowers--very spring like! I don't have any pictures of the spring birds yet (they are not really picture ready at the moment), but I have some other birds I can show you.
How about a picture of the very first bird I made? (and please don't laugh!) Yes, that was the very first bird. I wanted to be sure my pattern worked so I grabbed some cheap felt, sewed quickly, and tah dah! awkward-looking-homely-green-bird!
My second attempt, this time using "real" fabric, looks somewhat better.
Not perfect, but I really love this little fellow all the same. He proudly displays my first ever attempt at bird legs. They're big, crooked, gangly...I had no idea that legs were going to be so hard!
And now look...
...from ugly green bird to this pretty little flock! Amazing how much they've changed, isn't it?
And now back to my spring birds!


belle epoque said...

oh how i love your birds! i can absolutely see glimmers of the magic to come in that very first one.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi, I almost always love my first models...after all you've gone thru alot together! Your little birds legs reminds me of the sweet little baby birds feet as they perch on the nest. (there is an evergreen bush right next to a window and we have seen several nests built there). I still love your birds! I hope that your weather passes thru very quickly and that silver lined cloud emerges with the suns golden rays! Thanks for your comment...i was a little sad this a.m. due to the temps. Merci!!!
With Kindness,