Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I ran out yesterday to grab a few little Easter gifts for the girls.
Some rubber duckie tub toys for Fig as bath time and bath toys are currently Fig's favorite things in life.
And a bright red water can and little pink trowel for Pookie. They'll go with this:
A little gardening apron I've embroidered for Pookie.
I figure Pookie is old enough to try out a little gardening...or at least definetly old enough to water plants. (She loves pouring water on everything!) I'm going to get a few seeds to tuck in the apron pocket. I'm thinking of grabbing some string beans, sunflowers, and sweet peas.
I'm still trying to think of something to make for Fig. It's harder to come up with something for an eight month old...and I'm running out of time.
Oh and then there was this little impulse buy yesterday as well.

I was looking for the meringue powder and saw these cookie cutters. They are so tiny and so cute--I just couldn't pass them by!

And today we...

watched all the snow falling down. (You can't see the snow in the picture, but trust me it's there!) I know it's only April...and it is New England...but still...snow?! We want Spring back!

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