Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today was not quite warm, but not quite cold, so we packed the girls up and headed to the beach. After a nice walk, the girls and I settled in a pleasant sandy spot that was slightly sheltered from the breeze and my husband got to play with his Easter gift...a stunt kite!
My husband and I had bought a stunt kite shortly before we were married. My husband was quite skilled at flying it, but I was...well...I was quite skilled at creating spectacular kite crashes. Sadly after a few too many violent encounters with terra firma our kite broke and was never replaced. My husband has often lamented the loss of our stunt kite and so when I spotted this one--well I knew I had to buy it for him!
So we all had quite a bit of fun today. I watched my husband fly the kite (I'd like this kite to last a little longer than the first so I have decided not to fly it), Pookie chased sea gulls and played with shells, and Fig ate sand (I tried to stop her but she's sneaky and fast!) Oh what a glorious day and to think it's supposed to snow tomorrow! *sigh*
Oh, I also enjoyed reading this article today about the concert violinist in the D.C. metro. Something worth reading and thinking about perhaps...

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh look at your little sweethearts! They are so cute!
Smiles, Karen