Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Record highs--it's so nice after all this cold wet spring weather. We're due for rain again shortly, so we've been taking advantage of these nice warm sunny days. The girls have enjoyed their time going for long walks, blowing bubbles, chasing the cat around the yard, looking at the crocuses and the may flowers, and getting to play in their...
..little pool. Lot's of splashing and lots of playing in the warm sun. Oh it's so nice to have warmth and sun if only for a little while!
As soon as the rain appears I'll be back to unpacking the summer clothes and packing tup he winter clothes. I have been about halfway through my packing for several days now and I'm quite sure everyone would appreciate it if I would finish up and get the boxes out of the hallways. Oh yes, I will finish...just as soon as it rains. For now I'm just busy enjoying the sun!

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