Monday, April 30, 2007

I have this image of a new bird pattern in my head, but every time I put it on paper, cut it out, and sew it up--disaster! Oh and I do mean disaster--laughably disasterous! So I'm giving my mind a little break (I'm hoping I'll just envision my pattern perfectly during one of those middle of the night genius moments) and am back to working on my regular birds...with a new twist.
It rained (or drizzled) all weekend and amazingly it inspired me--birds and...umbrellas! Well, my thought started out as umbrellas, but visions of hot sunny days changed my thinking over to parasols.
Lovely flower parasols for lovely little birds.
This bird is only about 3" (from beak tip to the start of her tail) so she is about an inch smaller than my other birds. Tiny, but really quire the perfect size for using a flower to shade herself with...

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belle epoque said...

goodness! she is divine- her inquisitive expression and sweet parasol just make me want to squeal.