Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter is only a week away, so it seemed like it was about time to start baking some cookies!
After making some sugar cookie dough, I pulled out the cookie cutters.

I knew Fig was too little to help cook, but I thought Pookie might be old enough to give it a try. I handed her a cookie cutter and showed her how it worked.

But cutting out cookies wasn't really Pookie's thing. The dough was far more fascinating than the cookie cutter could ever be. You see, Pookie thought the dough was "bugger" (Pookie speak for butter, her favorite food) and all she wanted to do was try and eat handfuls of it.

There was raw egg in the dough, not really something Pookie should eat, so I sent Pookie off to play and cut the cookies out myself.

Chicks, flowers, and eggs--the perfect Easter cookie shapes.

Then we whipped up icing. I colored the icing a bright yellow for the chicks, showed Pookie how to ice a cookie, and told her to try a bite. "Bleh!" Pookie said and immediatley downed a glass of water. "It's not bleh" I informed her as I took a large bite. But oh was I wrong about that! It was worse than bleh! tomorrow we will ice cookies, but first we will go out and buy some meringue powder for a new batch of icing. Apparently cream of tartar is not the same thing as meringue powder. Yes, I think tomorrow's icing might taste just a tad bit better if we change that one little thing...

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belle epoque said...

oh my! what lovely cookies. i hope you were able to fix some non-bleah icing! happy almost-easter.