Monday, July 23, 2007

At long last I have finished one set of pajamas.
Sadly my poor pajama model is sick (both Pookie and Fig are suffering with a "runny nose with a little cough" cold of some kind), so those were the best pictures I could get of the pajamas. They are Simplicity pattern 9968. I love these pajamas!!--they are extremely cute and I'm already planning on the long sleeve/pant version, long sleeve dress version, and bathrobe for Christmas...hopefully. I still have Fig's pajamas to go...and some doll sized versions to do for Mimi and Flossie (the girls' waldorf dolls) at this rate I ought to start Christmas pajamas... now? Oh wow...guess I'd better get back to my sewing machine!


belle epoque said...

beautiful! and i hope the sweet littles feel much better soon. summer colds are the worst.

Sabine said...

Wonderful pictures, does this pattern exist for older girls (14 years old)?
Oh, how I hate a summer cold!

Pookie and Fig said...

No, I don't think it does. My pattern only goes up to age four. Too bad too, because it would be cute on older girls as well!