Friday, July 06, 2007

While Fig was napping, Pookie and I made graham crackers using a recipe in this Martha Stewart cookbook (the same book I got the berry cake recipe from). Pookie thoroughly enjoyed cooking them with me. Pookie helped me measure each of the ingredients...and also sampled each of the ingredients (flour="bleh", brown sugar "gooood!" and honey="Mmm!), and of course helped me roll the batter out. The recipe was so easy (very easy to do with children), had no eggs (I didn't have to worry about Pookie eating the batter), and tasty (I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of them!)
It is definitely a recipe we'll make again! I've been talking about how good these would be to make s'mores with. My sister has pointed out we could make marshmallows too. Hmmm....I feel a camping project coming on!
And finally, the great part about cooking--the leftovers that need to be taken care of. I had some whipped cream left over from our July 4th berry cake and the girls were so kind as to help me finish it up.

I don't think they minded one bit, do you?


belle epoque said...

i need that cookbook! i love the idea of making my own graham crackers!

and making marshmallows is REALLY FUN, though involves a candy thermometer and really hot sugar, so probably not as kid-friendly. but they taste better than any packaged marshmallow ever could. they also freeze beautifully.

Pookie and Fig said...

Ooh--thanks for letting me know. I think we will have to try it then! If you have a recipe handy (or know of a good one) please let me know!