Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The house is really rather full. There are eight of us living here at the moment. However we all willingly made space for one more. And nobody minds at all. He's an extremely obliging guest. He doesn't mind sleeping in the kitchen. He only wants a little sugar and water at meal time. And the girls are fascinated with him!
We found him several days ago. He was sitting in the driveway, one wing horribly askew. We admired him for a time and then moved him to the lilac bush--he was gone several hours later. The next day he reappeared, first he was spotted resting on a pine tree and then later he was spotted enjoying some of the garden flowers. He was easy to identify--due to his broken wing he could only fly in circles. By day three he was looking extremely tattered and weary so we invited him in to stay awhile. And though I can't say he's looking any better now (his wings keep breaking off a little at a time) I would have to say he looks pretty happy.

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belle epoque said...

oh he's lovely! butterflies are just magical. hope you keep enjoying your full house!