Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My camera wouldn't upload pictures. It told me I had no pictures, when in fact I had plenty of pictures, lots and lots of pictures to upload. The frustration! And a post without a picture just didn't seem any good...
But now it's works again--so I'm back with plenty to share!
I've mostly been working on the girls' pajamas. I feel like I've been making these forever! Somehow or other they just seem to be taking a long time to sew up, but so worth it! They're not finished (still need their little ruffled sleeve), but look how cute!
I'm really, really pleased with the pattern and so I'm seriously considering making up some of the long sleeve, pant version ones come fall. I also love the bathrobe pattern...Christmas perhaps?
And of course I've also been enjoying the holiday. We went to the fireworks last night (I know it was the third, but for some reason our city does them on the third) and it was so enjoyable! The display was beautiful! So today we've been hanging out here at the house and enjoying our fourth by eating this...
It's a Martha Stewart recipe--simple, yet tasty. My only trouble...I rather casually interpreted the "serve immediatley" instructions to mean "serve within a reasonable amount of time". Oh no! when she says immediatley she means immediatley! Within 15 minutes the whip cream layers had started to shift and the fruit was sliding off the top and over the sides! So all in all a cake I would make again--but would immediatley serve very quickly!
And now off to finish my fourth by watching the Boston Pops Orchestra on the television!

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belle epoque said...

camera trauma is no fun! i'm glad it is all fixed. and those pajamas are fantastic! please do share the pattern number if you have a chance, as I'm sure I must know a little girl or two to make them for :)

and your cake is so lovely! that martha, she really is very precise. happy fourth!