Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At long last, one little bird almost ready to enjoy the summer weather.
That one last little wing isn't attached yet...I'll have to get to that sometime today.
I had a horrible, horrible time getting a picture of this bird. A little while back she talked about how hard it is to get pictures of something red. I didn't understand the problem at the time, but now I do! Ugh, three-quarters of my pictures were worthless and even this one...not quite right. I'm making up a "to do" list today, top of which is going to be getting the girls' pajamas done. Is it me or is summer just flying by?


belle epoque said...

where is summer going?! and that little bird looks beautiful, though I understand how frustrating it can be when what you see and what the camera sees are totally different. i love my little parasol bird so much. she makes me so happy!

MimiK said...

What an incredibly cute little guy! I think that the camera wants red to be black or something- very frustrating.