Thursday, June 28, 2007

I finally managed to finish getting the girls' pajama pattern cut out. I started working on it, but after five minutes using the iron in this heat...thought I'd wait until tomorrow when it's supposed to be a bit cooler.
So instead I returned to my marionette for a bit. Currently the only part that is complete is the sleeves and a portion of the bodice. I've spent most of my time cutting out pieces of fabric and pinning things here and there trying to get an idea for how I want to the dress to look. Here's a little peek at my work in progress...
As you can see I've a little ways to go yet until I'm done--lots of pins to be removed, lots of sewing to be done, and a little bit more trimming this...and adding that...gathering this...and flattening that...embellishing this...and simplifying that. Pheeew...yes not much more to do at all!

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Marci B. said...

How beautiful! I wish you lots of luck as you finish your marionette. I know how nice it feels - I just finished a needlepoint project today (a gift for my friend's newborn), and I am so excited! Have fun :)