Monday, June 25, 2007

Phew! Yes, I finished that picnic blanket just in time! It was a late night Saturday, finishing up the binding and doing the tufting--ending up with a very achey back from bending over so much. *sigh* Long...tiring...but so worth it!
Sunday morning, when Pookie discovered the picnic blanket, she promptly made off with it to her crib and proceeded to tuck herself, Curious George, Mimi (a Waldorf doll my mother made her), baby, and cat underneath it. There was some momentary worrying about whether or not Pookie would let me steal the blanket back in order to take it to the park...but no fear--I managed to sneak it away and once it reached the park the blanket was immediatley put to it's proper use.
Of course there was a little inward wincing here and there regarding potential food spills, but I kept reminding myself it was a picnic blanket and it was going to get dirty at some point...
And after our picnic we were treated to a lovely performance of the Sound of Music. Pookie just loves the songs in the Sound of Music, so this was such a treat for her! She sat absolutley still and was completley mesmerized during the whole first act (we left shortly after intermission as Fig was tired).
Fig stayed still for about half of the first act and then proceeded to eat grass...I'm quite sure that there was a very bare spot on the lawn by the time she was done!
Oh yes, a fun, fun, weekend--and I'm so glad I finished the picnic blanket in time for it!
...and now back to Monday...

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