Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer is upon us in all its 100 degrees and toasty loveliness. I tried to work on my marionette today...but it was too hot to work with the velvety fabric for her dress. Tried working on a new bird today...but I felt hotter just looking at the felt I'd have to work with. Thought I'd try out knitting...but knitting things just seemed...too hot. Tried sketching a new bird pattern...but couldn't get any work done as I had to keep seperating, irritable, kicking, punching, shoving, babies.
So what to do but...get in the pool! Yes, a perfect day to relax, play games, and splash away in the pool. So cool, so refreshing! The babies were immediatley one hundred times happier and consequently...so was I! But all that kicking, splashing, playing, though fun, was also very tiring! So tiring that some of us...
just couldn't make it through dinner.

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skyhigh & grounded said...

What a wonderful day! I love your blog & your wonderful writing and photos. It is a feast for the eyes. Isabel et all enjoy reading about their little beloved cousins. They are very hot here, too, amidst vacation Bible school (Isabel volunteers & the little girls attend), Seb & T's basketball & Seb & Isabel's diving classes. Whew! Much love, Grounded in MN