Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That little blogger break there...well you can blame that on Anne Bronte. I really only meant to read just a chapter every night, but wouldn't you know it, two pages in and I was hooked! I carried the book (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall) around with me everywhere, sneaking a paragraph here and a sentence there, every chance I got. And now it's over. *sigh*
So it was supposed to be back to crafting today...but it just wasn't meant to be.
The girls have gotten very accustomed to their ten o'clock play time out in the yard. They get a chance to explore, run around, splash in their pool and essentially get all their energy out. Not today. No, the weather doesn't like us. The temperature hovered around 55 for most of the day, which would have been playable in but for the wind, drizzle, and mosquitoes so thick you practically inhale them with every breath. So there we were, stuck inside.
Both girls, normally happy and cheerful, were instead extremely irritable today (Pookie being tired and Fig having a very slow erupting right front tooth that is causing a good deal of pain) and not being able to go outside...made things that much worse. It wasn't long before their morning play turned into lots of shoving, pushing, bottle stealing, toy grabbing, hair pulling, screaming, yelling, and crying.
What a relief when naptime rolled around! I thought then I'd get some crafting done! But naptime was short, very short--teething babies don't sleep long. And so my sewing was limited to just about 40 minutes today. I only managed to quickly finish up the front of the picnic blanket and start cutting out the girls' summer pajamas (a simplicity pattern I belive, but I haven't got the number handy at the moment).
Not that they'll need these, mind you, if the weather stays in the fifties. But I'm thinking that June will finally begin to act like summer again sometime soon and then these pajamas will get much use.
And so here's hoping for a pleasant sunshiny happy baby day tomorrow. For now...well it's been such a crazy day...I think it's time for bed!


belle epoque said...

oh my! i hope that tooth pain calms down and the weather warms up for you. especially because I can imagine your girls will love those sweet summer jammies!

And I LOVED the Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I don't know why it seems to be the least-read Bronte novel, and I much prefer it to Wuthering Heights. The BBC/PBS movie version is also VERY good for a rainy afternoon :)

Pookie and Fig said...

Oh I'm so glad someone else has read it, because it's true Anne Bronte is almost never read. I was just reading how she was supposedly the "least talented" of the Brontes--but I have to say I loved her work as much as Charlotte's and Emily's.
How exciting to hear their is a movie version of it! I had no idea! Now I'll just have to see if I can get a copy of it somehow....