Thursday, June 14, 2007

The weather has improved just a bit. The rainy drizzle has disappeared, the gusty winds have calmed some and the sun actually showed itself for a minute or two. Yes, the weather improved just enough that we dared to venture outdoors...with sweaters and plenty of bug repellant on.
First on our outdoor expedition, we stopped at a nursery to look at the plants, and oh what a delightful place this farm was! Not only were the plants beautiful, but there were animals to see!
There were tiny little horses eating in the fields, chickens and their chicks running underfoot, ducks waddling across your path, geese floating in the pond, and some very unusual exotic birds. The girls were fascinated! We spent nearly an hour just wandering, gazing upon all the beauty, and marveling over birds we'd never seen before. It was so much fun that we fully intend to go again sometime soon!
And then we were off to a bakery for some coffee and treats. Having gotten just a bit chilled from our time at the farm we opted to eat inside where they have some perfectly lovely seating for some perfectly lovely little children. Lemon cookies with raspberry filling--the girls would tell you they are quite yummy!
Such a wonderful, relaxing, pleasant day!

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